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Data Searches

Our data can be freely downloaded from the NBN Atlas for commercial or non-commercial use, provided that ABReC is acknowledged as the data source (CC-BY licence).  For a fee, we can produce reports listing all the records we have from a specified search area together with their conservation designations.  This is a popular service with environmental consultants conducting work related to planning proposals.

Currently this work is carried out on our behalf by Highland Biological Recording Group, who have access to all our data including any recent data not yet uploaded to the NBN Atlas.  Please send your enquiry to Murdo Macdonald at records@hbrg.org.uk

Please note that our core area is vice-county 98, and we recommend the use of our data search service for this area.  Even some parts of VC98 are poorly recorded, but if our search does not return many records you will at least be able to say that you've consulted the Local Records Centre.  Our coverage of other parts of Argyll is very inadequate at present and we do not claim to be the "Local Records Centre" for any parts of VC's 101, 102 or 103; we simply hold any records that come our way from those areas until such time as somebody starts a records centre in the area concerned.


Clavulinopsis fusiformis

Golden Spindles (Clavuilnopsis fusiformis), a fungus of unimproved grasslands, a habitat declining across Europe but still common in Argyll.  Photo Sallie Jack.